Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A much needed creative weekend

I've not written in a while because I've been working very hard on the inside of our business, the part no one sees.
Except of course when there is an internet accident- which happened last week when for about an hour, our entire retreat website lost it's members. Since there are over 1,200 people currently enjoying Adventure Art Retreats, it was a very disconcerting hour of my life! I got it fixed temporarily and then sought an expert to help repair the databases of the site so it would be well and truly fixed.
And so it is! We got photo uploads and threaded forums back. Very exciting stuff, but it was a rough week.
I topped it off with a trip to Tallahassee to hang out with the local guild and play with clay for a whole day- something I haven't had time for in a long time.
I spent two nights with Oona and Zeph. Oona is a retreat attendee at PCA and she knew I wanted to come out there, so she offered up their cottage (they have a spare cottage on their property that they use for family and as an Airbnb.) It was lovely! I met their friends and even got to go to a Shakespeare comedy play at the local operahouse in Monticello, FL.
A great weekend, a lovely recharge, and now I'm off to work on new ideas.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I did it, the September Art Bead Scene Challenge

So I did the challenge last month and it was fantastic to stretch out, grab some beautiful beads from my stash, and put them together to go with the theme photo.

I was inspired by the interesting color palette and loose organic forms, and I used my favorite techniques- adding foils to clay and micro-applique little pieces onto a matte surface, for the interplay of shiny, crackly and matte. So fun!

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